Wine Chateau d'Arlay Vin Jaune 2005
Wine Chateau d'Arlay Vin Jaune 2005

Chateau d'Arlay Vin Jaune 2005

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“Located on the Côtes du Jura, any discussion of Jura wines must start with this wine estate, one of the oldest in France, whose wines are present in the best restaurants around the world. Vin Jaune, the so-called Yellow Wine, is clearly the Jura’s most distinctive and interesting wine. Vin Jaune is made from late-picked Savagnin grapes. It undergoes a slow fermentation and ages for a minimum of six years in cool cellars. Because the barrels are never filled to the top, a powdery film of yeasts, similar to the flor that covers Fino Sherry in casks, develops on the wine. Oxidation sets in and, despite the yeast coating, Vin Jaune takes on a nuttiness and a special tangy character. The wine’s color is a deep golden yellow, almost amber. Because of the manner in which Vin Jaune is made--like Madeira, purposely oxidized in the winemaking process--it is practically ageless (like Madeira). The wine seems to be at its best with at least ten years of aging.” Ed McCarthy

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