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Popular in the Middle Ages, Pacharan was a liqueur made from blackthorn, or sloe, berries that grew wild in Navarra. It was served at royal weddings and was used for medicinal purposes by a queen of Navarra. Today, the Pacharan production is strictly regulated by the government, to ensure its quality. Baines is a prestigious company that has been producing high quality Pacharan for over 150 Years. A powerful, intense red, this liqueur is fruit-forward and sweet with a light undertone of anise. It is soft and velvety on the palate and is best served slightly chilled. Unmistakeable and unique. Macerated for at least three months, restful and traditional, which no doubt defines the quality of the product. Intense and brilliant, ruby red in colour. The nose is fresh and extremely fruity, with light anise notes. The mouth is unctuous and velvety, long and intense, sweet and tastes of fruit. Pacharán (Patxaran in Basque) is a sloe berry liqueur that aged is in chestnut barrels. This provides for a slight bitter dark chocolatey finish playing nicely with the slow berry, anise and orange spices displayed. Since time immemorial it has been popular in Navarre and the Basque Country. The actual date of its discovery is unknown, but this liqueur was consumed by both nobles and vassals alike during mediaeval times, due its healing properties. It is known that Pacharan was included among the dishes served at the wedding of Gonofre of Navarre (1394 - 1428), the illegitimate son of King Carlos III and Doña Teresa de Arellano in 1415. It is also known that Queen Blanca I of Navarre (1385-1441) drank Pacharan because of its medicinal properties when she fell ill at the Monastery of Santa María de Nieva in 1441.

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