Wine Sap House Honeyberry Mead 375ml
Wine Sap House Honeyberry Mead 375ml

Sap House Honeyberry Mead 375ml

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By starting Mutiny, we’ve learned a lot about farming, pollination and environmental matters. We’ve also discovered via our travels, an assload of new fruits. One of which being the Honeyberry. And wow we’re glad Sap House brought it to our attention. Honestly, Sap House is not being cute here. The honeyberry is a dark blue cylindrical fruit that grows naturally in regions located in the northern hemisphere. Thankfully New Hampshire! The flavor is a tough one to pin down, but it’s kind of like a mix between a blueberry, blackberry, cherry + red grape. And with that kind of flavor profile at their disposal, it wasn’t hard for Sap House to make something exceptional. The color alone; gorgeous. In the glass, you’re hit full freight with all the contrasting fruit + honey aromas. The taste is unique, full-bodied, and smooth, with a nice tart and sour bite to it. After a glass of this, you’ll want to become the Dora Explorer of produce; out there discovering the world’s less conventional fruits.

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