Wine Pampelonne Negroni Sbagliato CAN
Wine Pampelonne Negroni Sbagliato CAN

Pampelonne Negroni Sbagliato CAN



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“You should know, going in, that it's not the same thing that you would get if you went into a bar and ordered a Negroni, that classic cocktail made of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. For one, it's far less alcoholic, at 6% ABV, and a lot lighter, calorically, at 120 calories per can. It's not as bitter as a traditional Negroni, but it's also not too sweet, a common problem with canned cocktails. It's refreshing and pleasingly bubbly, with a hint of blood orange and bitters. It's delicious. Like, perhaps too delicious. I could easily see myself having a reckless number of these in an outdoors setting. They're $16.99 for pack of four, which is just right for the beach. Proceed at your own peril. “ - Extra Crispy

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