Spirits Cointreau 1L
Spirits Cointreau 1L

Cointreau 1L

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Cointreau has a strong zesty nose with a clear bitterness and a mild suggestion of heat. In the mouth you get an immediate mix of sweet and bitter orange, all with a very bright, natural flavour to them. The bitter orange intensifies after the initial sip, and brings with it a definite dryness. There is a fairly powerful burn during the middle, and a lingering heat through to the end. The long finish leaves a fresh orange taste to linger, with a bitterness that fades in to a mild sweetness. Cointreau is certainly one of the most intense liqueurs in the comparison, with a lot of powerful flavours going on. It has a very natural quality to it, and unlike many liqueurs where the flavours are fairly defined and separate during the sip, Cointreau seems to have a lot going on at once. It’s certainly not one for sipping, but you can see why this is called for so often in cocktails – these orange flavours are powerful enough to stand up to a lot.

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